A night of 360ยบ real-time immersive performances!

Planet Tkaronto, ICLC 2024 Satellite Event @ Inter/Access, organized by the Endemics Collective.

From , the Endemics Collective will be split in two with the Coiled Soma performance happening May 30th in Shanghai, and in Toronto we are organizing the Planet Tkaronto satellite event with a lineup of over a dozen local and international performers on June 8th. #livecodingtoronto #livecodingtkaronto

The Endemics is an ensemble initially formed online during the pandemic, consisting of four live coders based in Tkaronto/Toronto.

Ilze Briede [Kavi] is a Latvian/Canadian artist working across multiple disciplines, including visual art, interactive installation and live performance. Kavi live codes visuals with Hydra+TouchDesigner and is most fascinated by feedback loops.

magfoto (Marcus Gordon) is a live coder, artist, and PhD candidate in Computational Arts at York University. His practice explores live coding archimusic, composition and improvisation with modular synthesis.

Sarah Imrisek (@cymatiste) is a game developer-turned-community-engaged artist and creative coder. She performs in live coding events, and makes interactive installations and street art. Trees, birds, wind, waves, and dreamlike visuals abound.

hryso (Hrysovalanti Fereniki Maheras) is a PhD student in Digital Media at York University. In her performance practice she live codes with supercollider and collaborates with visual artists to create audiovisual experiences and experimental art.

Photo of TSV event in 2023.
Photo of TSV event in 2023
PPoster for SynthSyntax collaborative event with GTAH performers.
Photo from Exit Points 38 of Endemics and delta sine
Photo of TSV event in 2023.
Photo of TSV event in 2023.