Urban Arboretum Nuit Blanche Tkaronto 2023 Interactive Projection Installation
Image courtesy of magfoto.

where there are trees in the waterTkaronto

ProjectUrban Arboretum

“Urban Arboretum” is an interactive art installation that needs your voice to thrive. Digitally generated trees, vines, and flowers are projected onto the 401 Richmond building, and respond to live audio from a standing microphone in front of the art. Speak, sing, and clap to bring the art to life, cover the wall with vibrant flora, and be part of this collaborative community creation. Together we will explore resilience, growth, and collective imagination. The unique aesthetic of the algorithmic art blends organic and geometric elements, allowing for a high degree of complexity and variation, and resulting in a visual experience that is both precise and unpredictable. The overall effect is a mesmerizing, otherworldly beauty that centres the natural world and its adaptability as we plunge headfirst into an increasingly technological future. Media artists magfoto and cymatiste draw from their experience in the live coding scene to develop this participatory artwork. Their passion for this improvisational art form will be on full display as the artists periodically modify the code for the projections in real time throughout the night, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who participates.

Image courtesy of magfoto.

magfoto+cymatiste: Marcus Gordon + Sarah Imrisek

magfoto (Marcus Gordon) and cymatiste (Sarah Imrisek) are members of the Endemics live coding ensemble based in Tkaronto/Toronto. magfoto’s practice explores architectonic media interventions. He makes custom live coding tools for algorithmic composition and improvisation with analogue and digital synthesizers. cymatiste is a community-engaged artist making interactive installations and street art. Her work seeks inspiration from nature to find pathways to collective reintegration after trauma.